Assignment Dates


When I say “week” I typically think of Monday – Friday. Like you, I hate doing things on the weekend so I’ll try not to bombard you too much if you follow my schedule. There are exceptions where there may be a weekend here or there I’m expecting you to check your materials and place feedback to one another. I can’t help that given that I need to make sure you guys all get these trainings done in time. If all else fails, please check the calendar often where you can reasonably see when things are due

:: end of week 1 :: Short Story and Student Photo/Intro (to Laulima)

:: end of week 2 :: 3 Sketch Compositions & Object Thumbnail Sketches (to Laulima)

:: end of week 3 :: 1 Refined Sketch Composition  :: 1 Finished “Coca Cola” Logo traced (to Laulima)

:: end of week 4 ::  1 Refined Digital Composition (to Laulima)

:: beginning of week 5 :: Critique (on Laulima)

:: beginning of week 6 :: Final Fantasy Meal project due (to Posterous; or too be announced)


:: end of week 6 :: Movie Synopsis (to Laulima)

:: beginning of week 7 :: 3 Sketch Movie Poster Compositions (to Laulima)

:: end of week 7 :: 2 Digital Compositions (to Laulima)

:: end of week 8 :: Progress of 2 Digital Compositions (to Laulima)

:: end of week 9 :: Upload Chosen Digital Composition (to Laulima) :: Critique (on Laulima)

:: end of week 10 :: Movie Poster project due (to Posterous)


:: end of week 11 :: Storyline & Storyboard (to Laulima)

:: end of week 12 :: StoryBoard (to Laulima)

:: end of week 13 :: Character Library / 25% animated

:: end of week 14 :: 50% animated

:: end of week 15 :: Critique (on Laulima)

:: end of week 16 :: Flash Movie project due (to Posterous)




Continue building your sites this week (Week 12). Remember to always test your site along the way and constantly validate your code.

Please make appointments to see/talk to me if you need help.